Help on Changing Monitor Resolution

First, you may want to print this page, since you will have to minimize this window in order to complete these tasks. To print, right click on this text area and select "Print" from the menu. Once you have the instructions printed, follow the steps to change your screen resolution.

  1. Minimize all applications currently running.
  2. Right click on your desktop area (be sure not to right click on an icon) and select "Properties" from the menu. This will open the "Display Properties" window.
  3. Select the "Settings" tab from the "Display Properties" window.
  4. In the "Desktop Area" (about halfway down on the right side of the window), drag the slider to the right until it reaches "1024x768", then click the "Apply" button.
  5. When prompted to apply the settings, click "OK". Your screen will turn black for a moment.
  6. Once your screen resolution changes, you have 15 seconds to confirm the change. Click "Yes" to confirm the change; click "No" or do nothing to revert to your previous setting.